Carmel Valley Field Trip - 2018

Each year, the Club conducts a competitive field trip, usually to a unique local venue, in which they compete in eight image subjects. This year the Club chose to photograph sites throughout the Carmel Valley on January 28, 2018. This year's subjects were designed to showcase the varied landscapes and features of this area through individual interpretation of an eclectic list of subjects including: "Rustic Architecture", "Good Eats", "Four Legs & a Tail", "Off the Beaten Path", "People", "Valley Views", "Business of Wine", and "Photographer's Choice". The participants also enjoyed a lunch together at the Running Iron Restaurant and Saloon during the mid-day light. The day was a beautiful sunny day and the members created some striking images.

The Club has established a three-division competition. Group A - advanced photographers, Group AA - intermediate photographers, and Group AAA - developing photographers and new members. Presented below are the overall winning shots for each group.

Judged by Doug Steakley

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Group A    Group AA    Group AAA

Overall Winning Entries by Group

Overall Winner Group A

1st Place Group A - "Photographer's Choice"
Mary Ann Avera

Overall Winner Group AA

1st Place Group AA - "Rustic Architecture"
Jerry Heisel

Overall Winner Group AAA

1st Place Group AAA - "Off the Beaten Path"
Joey Bruno

2nd Place Group A

2nd Place Group A - "People"
John Drum

2nd Place Group AA

2nd Place Group AA - "Valley views"
William A. Brown

2nd Place Group AAA

2nd Place Group AAA - "Rustic Architecture"
Dale Thies

3rd Place Group A

3rd Place Group A - "Off the Beaten Path"
Mary Ann Avera

3rd Place Group AA

"No winning image"

3rd Place Group AAA

"3rd Place Group AAA - "Business of Wine"
Lillie Grossman

Honorable Mentions Group A

Honorable Mention Group A - "Business of Wine"
Ken Jones

Honorable Mention Group AAA

Honorable Mention Group AAA -"Good Eats"
Carolyn Comings

Honorable Mention Group AAA

Honorable Mention Group AAA - "Photographer's Choice" - Gas Pumps at Rosie's
Jim Summers