Padre Trails Camera Club members come from throughout the central coastal area of California as well as beyond. The internet has enabled members to participate directly or indirectly from practically any distance. Current membership roster can be found by clicking on this link:


Padre Trails Camera Club is a completely volunteer organization with elected officers and members responsible for various club functions. Our organization chart can be seen by clicking on this link:

Club Bylaws

The Club bylaws can be found by by clicking on this link:

Club History

Activities 2016-2017

2016 - 2017 Coming of Age in the Print World

Our members raised the bar this year with two very successful print exhibitions. The first was made possible by the generosity or Chester Ng and the Image Makers who gave up their space at Mundo's Cafe in Monterey to let Padre Trails show its work. Many thanks to Chester and IM. The Mundo's exhibit involved twenty-six pieces by twenty participating members. The show actually consisted of two back-to-back exhibits, December 4, 2016 through January 14, 2017 and January 15 through February 25, 2017. The gallery space at Mundo's is casual and relaxed and provided a wonderful practice round for members to refine their skills in printing, framing and presentation of their work on a public stage.

The second show, the largest print exhibition in the Club's history, opened at the Walter Lee Avery Gallery in Seaside on May 1, 2017 and ran through June 30, 2017. Central Coast Style: The Constructed Environment consisted of 123 pieces; sixty-three themed prints and sixty un-themed miniatures.

Our Artists' Reception on May 12th drew well over 100 people who enjoyed our art, the savory and sweet munchies provided by Wild Thyme of Marina and the soulful jazz melodies of flautist, Kenny Stahl.
What a year for prints!



Activities 2015-2016

2015 - 2016 Already off to a good start!

We began the year with the launch of our new Bits & Pixels Newsletter. This new monthly recap and look-ahead was made possible through the talents of PTCC member, Carmay Knowles with the contributions of other members.
Our membership stands at a robust sixty-four as we start this new year and while numbers don't tell the whole story, nor are they our primary goal, a rich and diverse membership helps all of us learn and grow as photographers. The more visions we can stir into the mix, the better.

This Club Year will also begin the planning phases for a major exhibition of our members' work scheduled for Spring/Summer 2017. The Seaside Art Commission has invited PTCC to show their images in the Walter Lee Avery City Hall Art Gallery from May 1 through June 30, 2017.


Activities 2014-2015

2014 - 2015 A New Look For a New Year
Padre Trails begins its sixty-seventh year with an updated look and a new presence in the social media world. The new Club Logo seen at the right was designed by PTCC's Hospitality and Awards Chair, Chris Johnson.
The design has already been incorporated into most Club correspondence, our new member name tags and on the Club's new Facebook page. The Club's website has always displayed the winning images from our competitions but the entire field of submissions was only seen by our members and guests during night presentations. PTCC's Facebook page lets all our members and friends see all the submitted images.


Activities 2013-2014

2013 - 2014 Padre Trails Exhibits at the Pacific Grove Art Center
In April of 2014, Padre Trails mounted a fifty-one print exhibition of members' portfolio images at the Pacific Grove Art Center. The successful opening on April 11th culminated over a year's work by the Club and launched the second public exhibition of a quantity of PTCC members' work. Prints are enjoying more emphasis in the Club as our members continue to refine their talents. While we are not yet competing in the print arena, each regular meeting provides time for print sharing and discussion. Padre Trails is made up of over 60 local photographers across a wide spectrum of interests. Their common bond is their love of photography and their desire to continue to expand their photographic skills. The Club's energy level has never been higher.

Activities 2012-2013

2012 - 2013 Continued Growth

Near the end of the 2012-13 Club Year, our membership had grown to over fifty and it became evident that our existing two-tiered competition structure was no longer serving the best interest of our newest members and others working to develop their skills. To further level the competitive playing field, a third division, the Triple-A division, was established.

The new group has generated a dramatic increase in competition participation. We're seeing more and better images across the board. Members progress upward through the groups by accumulating points by placing in our competitions.

In 2013, PTCC was recognized for its 65-year history as a PSA Member Club. A good association.

In other developments:
The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition obliterates the 1080p video pixel barrier by providing two times the previous resolution.

Activities 2011-2012

2011 - 2012 Getting out more..

The Group Shoot comes of age.
Our 2011-12 Club year saw a major increase in the number of group field shoots for Club members. This year we visited the Carmel Mission shortly before it began its major seismic retrofit work, capturing the way it was before rebar and scaffolding. We traveled to Roaring Camp Railroad museum above Santa Cruz to gather images of the past and to beautiful Point Lobos to try to catch the incredibly varied beauty there. We still have our annual competitive field trip, of course, but our Group Shoots are just for the fun of it. And they are fun!

Activities 2009-2010

2009 - 2010 Leaps and Bounds!
Padre Trails has seen phenomenal growth during this club year. Not only are our numbers increasing, but the creativity pool among our members is deeper than ever. Our competition schedule has been expanded to include print making and we've renewed this year, after too many years away, our membership in the Central Coast Counties Camera Club Council, 6C. This renewed association has provided extra excitement and reach to our members and, as all our competitions do, has helped them refine their skills and produce some truly stunning work.

Activities 2007-2008

2007- 2008 The best yet!

Padre Trails is growing! We've refined the way members share and compete both with color slides and digital images. The Club is also expanding its field trip and group shoot concept to take members out into our beautiful Peninsula more to capture the beauty there and to learn from one another the techniques and approaches necessary to take our best shots. Club members are sharing their expertise in making quality prints of their digital and color slide images.
In January, 2008, the Club's best nature images were featured in a print exhibition at the Pacific Grove Museumof Natural History. The show ran for a month and was critically acclaimed by locals and visitors alike. Also in 2008, Padre Trails marked its 60th year as a Photographic Society of America PSA) Member Club. The certificate of membership milestone was presented to members present at our February 17, 2009 meeting.

Activities 2005-2006

2005 - 2006 Hey! We're Digital, too...

In December, 2005, Padre Trails expanded its artistic horizons to include digital image projection and competition, a necessary step in attracting new members and stimulating the creativity of all of us. Members may now show and compete with color slides, digital images or both. There are some bugs to work out, but the driving focus will be on developing a methodology that is easy for our members to adapt to and fair for all regardless of their creative medium.
Our January 29, 2006 field trip to the beautiful city of Capitola inspired both color slide shooters and the digital folks. This was the first event to include both formats and although color slide and digital submissions were judged separately and had their own award structure, it proved that it's the seeing that makes the image, not the technology applied.
Other developments:
2006: Nikon announced that the bulk of its management and production resources (in Europe) would now be dedicated to the development of digital imaging equipment.

Activities 2004-2005

2004 - 2005 Leaps and Bounds!
Padre Trails is thriving at the turn of a new century. Our membership is growing and our programs and competitions are becoming more diverse and challenging. While still primarily a color slide oriented club, several of our members are expanding their craft into the world of digital photography.


In his cover letter, president Albert L. Sieg, FPSA, EPSA wrote:

"...Padre Trails has arrived at a significant milestone in your continuous membership in the Photographic Society of America. ... We appreciate your continued interest and support of the Society and its goals.

1978 - 1987

In 1978, the late Arthur Hayler was elected president of PTCC. During his administration he instituted a blind competition of one shot per subject called 20/20: Nineteen specific subjects and one self portrait. The competition was well received and in 1986, when Kodak stopped making 20 exposure rolls of film and went to 24 exposure rolls, the competition's namechanced to 23 & Me. We all have Arthur and Louise to thank for this beloved and maddening competition.
Other developments:
'78 - Konica introduces the first point & shoot autofocus camera.
'85 - Minolta Maxxum 7000 Autofocus 35mm SLR introduced.
'93 - Adobe Photoshop available for MS-DOS/Windows platforms.
'96 - Kodak introduces the Advantrix Camera.

1968 - 1977

In the late 70's, two members of the Peninsula Colorslide Club in Redwood City, Arthur and Louise Hayler retired to the Monterey Peninsula from San Francisco. Both Arthur and Louise were avid photographers and their energy infused Padre Trails. Club meetings began to be held in the Monterey public library's community room.
The club took a very successful field trip to Merced Falls in March of '68 to photograph lichen. An aggressive field trip took place in 1973 when twenty club members traveled to Yosemite in April of that year. The group spent the night at a motel, dined together and brought home basket loads of photographs.
Other developments:
'72 - Pocket Instamatic Camera-110 introduced.
'76 - Canon AE-1 debuts 1st 35mm with built in microprocessor.

1958 - 1967

Together with the Salinas Camera Club, Padre Trails produced a slide show for the Monterey County fair. The first presentation required viewers to look into a barrel to see the images. Things improved somewhat in following years. The show, which in its heyday utilized six projectors and three screens, ran hourly during the day. The program was part of the Monterey County Fair for several years. Its first venue was a small building that provided standing room only for those who came late. The show was moved to a larger room with adequate seating capacity, but the situation was short lived. The larger room was snatched (sheared?) by the wool growers and weavers and Padre Trails was relegated to a tent near the kiddy carnival. The noise and music from the playground made it difficult to hear the taped narration, and the tent was configured so that people entering had to walk directly in front of the projectors. Not a pleasant experience. After complaining to the Fair Board about our poor accommodations, assurances were given that a new venue, possibly even new building construction, would be provided. Alas, nothing came to pass and the long running Monterey Peninsula slide show at the fair came to an end.
Other developments:
'61 - Eastman Kodak introduces new faster Kodachrome II film.

1948 - 1957

In the early years, the club met at the Carmel high school. Slide programs put together by club members depicting the Monterey Peninsula area's most beautiful sites (it's hard to find those that aren't) helped not only to increase the general awareness of amateur photography and promote travel and exploration in our beautiful county, but also to increase club membership.
Other developments:
'48 - First Nikon 35mm camera introduced.
'52 - Premier of a new 3 projector, 3 screen wide screen process "This is Cinerama."