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Judi Clayton

I view the world sometimes in color and sometimes in black and white.  Sometimes the world is in focus and sometimes it is just a blur.  The process of taking photographs and preparing them for viewing is my favorite creative outlet.  From the time I first saw photography as something more than a way of keeping memories of events, it has struck me as magical.

Over the years my photography has evolved from exploring a person's inner sole in a portrait to viewing how the world works in the great outdoors from up close and from far away.  Working with my camera gives me a pleasing sense of accomplishment and has become my favorite way to not only explore the world at large but to also explore myself.

Ken Jones

President & Co-Webmaster

My wife and I have lived on the Peninsula since 2000. I found Padre Trails shortly after settling in and have enjoyed watching the Club grow and prosper over the years. My love for photography began at an early age during photo-trips with my grandfather. Today I photograph a wide range of subjects, the natural beauty on the central coast being high on my list, of course.

I use mostly Nikon DSLR equipment, currently Nikon D300 and D300s. However, recently we traveled to Europe with only one camera, a Leica D-Lux-5. my "'Li'l Leica". The light weight and tack sharp images overcame the camera's 90mm max zoom. Since that trip, I've added a Nikon Coolpix P-510 to my kit and having a light weight rig with excellent picture quality and good reach is no longer a problem. I usually wind up bringing all three on trips because you just never know.

Please visit: to see some of my images.

Brooks Leffler

Aerial Kite Photographer

I've been a member of PTCC for only two years, but a photographer for nearly 70. I'm a native of San Francisco, and have been taking pictures since high school. After weaving my way through television production, PBS station relations, owning a kite shop, and building and selling kite aerial photography (KAP) equipment, I'm now retired and happy to spend some time filling in the gaps in my photographic experience.

For kite-borne images and panoramas, I'm now using the Sony NEX-5, and ground-bound I like the Nikon D5000 DSLR and superzoom Nikon P-510.

See my kite aerial photos on: Flickr, my VR Panoramas at World Wide Panorama and my KAP equipment at

Jim Lambert

Born in Chicago, Jim Lambert grew up among artists. His father studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and became an accomplished painter and graphic artist, and his grandfather had been a lithographer specializing in fine etchings. Jim's early exposure to artistic expression and process fashioned his appreciation of individual style. His sense of style was enhanced through the study of figure drawing and painting, with years of pouring over art books at the city's libraries. He felt the urge to create "Something no one has ever seen," a concept with humor that continues to define his art. Jim began taking pictures in the mid-60s, drawing inspiration from the work shown at the local County Fair.

Jim moved to California in 1976, and began submitting his photography to the Monterey County Fair in the mid 90s. He was awarded first place in juried images, best of show twice, and countless other awards including at the California State Fair for his intriguing and truly unique style of photography. Jim is a member of the Padres Trails Camera Club, Pacific Grove Art Center,  Carmel Center for Photograph Art, and  had currently exhibiting at the Art Council for Monterey Country.

Please visit:

Karen Schofield

Master Scuba Diver - Underwater, Wildlife & Scenic Photography

Karen Schofield is a passionate photographer who ignites the viewer's imagination through her images. As a born water lover, she captures the beauty and awe of nature both above and below the water's surface. Karen's images allow the viewer to experience a place, or a moment in time as seen through her lens. Karen's photography has won 1st and 2nd place awards in international and local photo competitions, published in books, dive magazines, and in National Geographic online publications. Please visit:

David Clarkson

Photography reconnects me to my beginnings and who I once was. My Midwestern family and friends included blacksmiths, railroad men, barkeeps, farmers, industrial line workers, and clerks. Few had educations beyond high school. These folks worked hard and stayed close to their birthplace. I was one of the few that left. However, fifty years of the Marine Corps, university, and corporate life gave me the feeling that I did not belong, loosed from the moorings of my past and uncomfortable in a new life. I traded the familiarity of a small town for the anonymity of the city. Either can kill the soul. Both can provide comfort. Unfortunately one cannot go back. Modern urban environments reconnect me to the folks with whom I lived, loved, and laughed. The settings differ, but the players are much the same. Everyday people leading everyday lives crowd these streets. If I cannot return to what once was, I can at least use my camera to get closer, to somehow make a connection, however fleeting. With my corporate life complete, I am free to walk and make photographs, while exploring today’s hectic cities, among those who feel familiar to me. Please visit: David Clarkson Web Site

In Memorium

Harold Black

Padre Tails Camera Club lost one of its oldest friends and most loved supporters on Friday, December 5th, 2014 with the death of Herald Black. Over the years, Harold, along with his wife, Life Member Jane Black, was a mainstay of Club growth and vitality through his generous hospitality, his valuable counsel and his unfailing good humor.

The Club's thoughts go out to Harold's wife Jane, his daughter Connie and to all the members of his loving family.

Sharon Blaziek

Padre Trails lost one of its brightest guiding lights on September 2, 2015 with the death of long-time PTCC Member, past President and Secretary, Sharon Blaziek. Sharon was an avid photographer who loved the natural world around us and her images brilliantly reflected that love. A member of PTCC for nearly 30 years, Sharon was a driving force behind the growth of the Club over the years and we owe much of what we are today to her leadership and vision.

Thank you, Sharon, for all the time, love and energy you have given to PTCC over the last three decades and for the example and memories you leave with us. We'll all miss you!

You can see her fine work at