Winning Image Gallery

Index of Winning Entries - Club Year 2013-2014

2014 Pictorial #1 (Open)

Returns: 10/16/13
1st Place Group A - Trees in Winter
Doug Steakley

2014 Nature #1 (Open)

Returns: 11/20/13
1st Place Group A - Egret and Sardine

Peter Monteforte

2014 Black and White

Returns: 1/22/14
1st Place Group A - Nipomo Dunes
Doug Steakley

2014 Field Trip - Pacific Grove

Returns: 2/19/14
1st Place Group A - Pt Pinos Lighthouse
Ben Grasmuck

2014 Pictorial #2 (Open)

Returns: 3/2/14
1st Place Group AA - Sea Swings
Chris Axe

2014 Photojournalism

Returns: 4/16/14
1st Place Group AAA - Up, Up and Away! (Series of 4 Images)
Elke Ikeda

2014 Nature #2 (Open)

Returns: 5/21/4
Morning Glory Beautiful in all Stages
Honorable Mention Group AAA
Elke Ikeda

2014 Creative

Returns: 6/18/14
Flat Rock with Foamy Sauce
First Place Group AA
Brooks Leffler

2014 PIctorial #3 (Negative Space)

Returns: 8/6/14
Running Rock
First Place Group A
Mary Ann Avera

2014 Nature #3 (Open)

Returns: 8/20/14
The Eyes of the Eagle
First Place Group AA
Brooks Leffler

2014 Travel

Returns: 9/17/14
Big Ben and Passing Bus, London, England
Second Place Group A
John Avera

2014 Images of the Year

Returns: 10/29/14
Mt. Fuji reflected in Tanukiko
First Place Pictorial Group A
Gerald Gifford