Winning Image Gallery

Index of Winning Entries - Club Year 2012-2013

2013 Pictorial #1 (Open)

Returns: 11/21/12
1st Place Group A - Beach Burl, Rio Beach
Mary Ann Avera

2013 Nature #1 (Open)

Returns: 1/16/13
1st Place Group A - Great Egret
being attacked by Sea Lion

Greg Magee

2013 Photojournalism

Returns: 2/6/13
1st Place Group A - 2012 World Series - Game 1
Ben Grasmuck

2013 Pictorial (Leading Lines)

Returns: 2/6/13
1st Place Group A - Wheels1
Ben Grasmuck

2013 Field Trip Wilder Ranch State Park

Returns: 2/20/13
1st Place Group A - Phtographer's Choice
Carol Fussenich

2013 Nature #2 (macro)

Returns: 4/3/13
1st Place Group A - Underside of mushroom (Gymnopilus spectabilis)
Peter Monteforte

2013 Pictorial 3 (Portraits)

Returns: 5/15/13
1st Place Group A - The Lightkeeper
Sharon Blaziek

2013-Creative Returns

Returns: 6/05/13
1st Place Group A - These Old Worn Boots
Carol Fussenich

2013 Black and White

Returns: 6/19/13
1st Place Group A - Bixby Bridge
Ben Grasmuck

2013 Nature #3 (Open)

Returns: 7/03/12
1st Place Group A - Male Elephant Seal Bites Female While She Protects Pup
Peter Monteforte

2013-Travel Returns

Returns: 9/04/13
1st Place Group A -
Tower Eiffel With Full Moon
Peter Monteforte

2013 Image of the Year

Returns: 10/05/13
Image of the Year - The Louvre With Glass Pyramid Reflected in Pond
Peter Monteforte